Old Friends at Ashton Grove

Winston, the miniature horse at Old Friends at Ashton Grove, is a busy guy. He spends many of his evenings visiting with the human residents of Ashton Grove Senior Living Community, but he also makes time for the exercise program his vet recommended ... Read More

Ferocious Won

He had a tough constitution to run 91 races and win 14 of them, including two stakes. But ferocious he was not. He was one of the sweetest horses ever to grace Old Friends.... Read More

Affirmed Success

The passing of Affirmed Success last week was a profound change, the going of one of the foundations of Old Friends. It wasn’t just that he’d been with us since 2007. Or that he was the last of Affirmed’s greatest sons. It was who he was.... Read More

Saying Goodbye to Alphabet Soup

He was a bright spot in the world. A star on the track. A beautiful horse, technically grey but nearly white, with harmoniously pleasing proportions and expressive dark eyes. An exceptionally kind horse who brought happiness wherever he went.... Read More

Remembering Popcorn Deelites

On the racetrack he was just a cheap claiming horse. Usually his tag was less than $5000, but gave the game his best and won 11 of his 58 races. His hooves pounded tracks from Chicago to Louisville to Arkansas to Iowa to West Virginia to Northern Ken... Read More



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