Exploring Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby

“Something that has been on my bucket list is to experience the Kentucky Derby. I haven’t even been to Kentucky, so I wanted to soak up as much as I could on my next adventure. Kentucky is celebrating a big year. It’s the trifecta of anniversaries. The Kentucky derby is 150 years old, the state parks are 100 years old, and the Bourbon Trail is celebrating 25 years.

What happens to horses after the retire from racing? That is exactly what Micheal Blowen wanted to know. So, he started Old Friends in 2003, an aftercare for racehorses and breeding stallions. He wanted to make sure that the racing horses that gave so much in their careers were taken care of. Today they have 255 horses. They have the oldest living Derby winner, Silver Charm. Silver Charm is 97 years old (if you break it down to age versus humans. This is a great day for everyone in the family. You can feed the horses and see them living their best life. Make sure to say hi to my favorite (also a Derby winner), “I’ll Have Another.”

Learn more and watch the Access Hollywood video on YouTube here.

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