Memory Lane

Memory Lane: Brick by Brick

Nikki Bacharach Memorial Garden at Old Friends

Everything starts with one step, or
one brick, or one word, or one day…”
— Jeremy Gilley

… especially memories. Let’s take a walk.

Twenty odd years ago a man held a grain of an idea in his mind…in his heart. Like a grain of sand in an oyster it became inescapable. But unlike the pearl created by the oyster’s irritation, this grain multiplied and became mixed with other components to create a brick. This fully formed brick of an idea was shared with others who contributed various kinds of bricks of their own that built something solid on the foundation of the dream fostered by that first nagging grain of an idea. Perhaps you have contributed a brick by taking a tour, purchasing an item on eBay or in our gift shop. You may be an occasional donor of funds, or even someone who does so monthly. You may send a little or a lot. You may follow us on social media offering support with your words of encouragement or praise.

Perhaps you volunteer(ed) here in some capacity. You may have been one of the early souls who entrusted your horse to our care. You may have pointed the way to a farm or individu-als that would be willing to help in some way. Maybe you provided health care, hoof care, end of life care, food or blankets. You might have sent cards or flowers in celebration or condolence.

No matter your contribution, it was another brick that helped build a dream into a reality. A reality that began with one horse and grew to over 200! A reality that began with a few loaned stalls and today consists of four facilities and a few good souls who care for some of our horses on their own farms. Not only have you brought a dream to reality, you have created lasting memories for your-self, for us, for those who otherwise may have never known the thrill of meeting a Kentucky Derby winner and feeding him/her a carrot.

Whether you have contributed bricks of your own in the past or would like to contribute in the future, we are offering a new opportunity for you to add actual bricks in honor of your memories and those you shared them with.

You are invited to join us on Memory Lane
in the Nikki Bacharach Memorial Garden at Old Friends.

Memorialize your favorite Old Friends retiree, beloved horse, pet, loved one, or special occasion in the Nikki Bacharach Memorial Garden at Old Friends. Where Champions Are Celebrated.

Here, your brick will help form a path and courtyard in the cemetery where great horses such as Kentucky Derby winners War Emblem and Charismatic, Horse of the Year Skip Away, Breeders’ Cup Classic winner Awesome Again, and Champions Hidden Lake, Noor and Bint Marscay (AUS) are at rest.The cemetery is open to the public.

Choose your brick size, color, graphic
and text to create a lasting legacy today!

Colors Available: Claret, Landmark Gray,
Lighthouse Gray, Nutmeg, Regimental Red,
and Regimental Full Range

Font: Arial, All Caps
Graphics and Logos Available
Subject to approval by Old Friends

$125.00 Brick Size: 4” x 8”

$225.00 Brick Size: 8” x 8”

Have a question?

Call: (502) 863-1775

Our Memorial Garden is named after Nikki Bacharach, the daughter of actress Angie Dickinson and composer Burt Bacharach. Burt retired his great stallion, Afternoon Deelites, to us when we were just getting started. Angie has been a friend to me and Old Friends ever since the beginning. Nikki loved flowers and we have honored her with this garden named in her memory. The Nikki Bacharach Memorial Garden atOld Friends is a reminder of how much Nikki was loved and how much we love the horses who have graced our farm.” — Michael Blowen

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