A Fun New Way to Donate (and a free gift!)

Check out our Giving Grid! It’s a fun, new way for you to show your love for the horses this holiday season while also raising much-needed funds for Old Friends. ‘Stamp’ your donation with your own photo and you can get a gift! (gifts over $25.00 qualify for a gift). AND you can click the Fundraiser for this Campaign button and share as your own fundraiser to your friends! We’re having a “Hay Drive,” and you can join in by uploading photos of your own pets, and sharing your thoughts and pictures with other Old Friends supporters. Please “Toss Some Hay our Way!”
CLICK HERE to check out our holiday GivingGrid.

Brrr! This might be? lovely weather for a sleigh ride together, but the cold is tough on horses, and it takes more than ? chestnuts roasting on an open fire to keep them warm. With no grass, it takes lots of HAY. Please help. We have over 130 retired equines on our Georgetown farm, and each needs a bale or more per day when the weather turns arctic. That’s 4,000 bales a month! A tax-deductible donation will assure that? our hay will come!?

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